Revenue distribution

  • 8% for founders: These funds will be used to financially support the Caps Society founders who have been instrumental in creating and building the project.
  • 14% for launch contributors: This percentage will be allocated to those individuals who have contributed to the launch of Caps Society and have helped the project gain momentum in its early stages.
  • 11% for development and partnerships: This amount will be kept in reserve to fund future development initiatives and partnerships that will help Caps Society grow and thrive.
  • 62% for NFT holders: The majority of the revenue (62%) will be distributed to NFT holders as rewards for their participation in tournaments, airdrops, and DAOs.
  • 5% for Caps Society Endless: Finally, 5% of the revenue will go towards funding Caps Society Endless, a foundation that provides free computer and Web3 training to underprivileged youth in developing countries, helping them to create an economy and participate in the digital world.