Gen-zero 333 bots freemint

333 Bots in Freemint.
Discover our airdrop of 333 freemint bots for governance. Bots vote for the governance of the Caps Society, where bots with rare characteristics have a triple vote for certain decisions. For example, "Micro-antenna" bots have a triple vote for deciding whether the world should be in daylight or nighttime, "Golden eyes" bots for new tournament modes, "Black Wings" bots for new tournament challenges and terrains (Visio, Metaverse, Mobile), "Black chest protector" bots for introducing new buildings to help the community, and "Golden horn" bots for new designs.
Micro-antenna : 1%. They can prupose
Golden eyes : 6%
Black chest protector : 10%
Black wings : 8%
Golden Horn : 15%