Our plan
  • Phase 1 (Q1 2023):
  • Creation of NFTs for Caps Society founding members Development of 3D tests for the Metaverse.
  • Launch of Twitter and Discord to interact with the community Creation of the website Creation of the White Paper
  • Phase 2 (Q2 2023):
  • Marketing campaign and influencers.
  • Launch of NFT sales for founding members.
  • Phase 3 (Q3 2023):
  • Integration of NFTs into Spatial.Io to allow for the use, purchase, sale, and management of NFTs Organization of initial test tournaments for founding members.
  • Phase 4 (Q4 2023):
  • Development of a Caps cryptocurrency to enable smoother and faster transactions
  • Launch of a crowdfunding campaign to strengthen Caps Society's funds Organization of large tournaments open to all Caps Society community members
  • Development of a marketplace to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs Introduction of advanced features for Premium members, such as exclusive benefits and project management tools.